I am a photographer. And a graphic designer. I have trained with the press. I have worked for different publications, but also for architects and decoration studios, such as that of the interior decorator Estrella Salietti. I have published in fashion trends, art, and interior decoration magazines. I have decorated some spaces of Barcelona, including the former restaurant Reno, the Rabat Jewelry Shop, and the Furest Fashion Shop.

The Santander Foconorte Digital Photography Festival (Cantabria, Spain), the 6th Madrid Visual Arts Contest Against Domestic Violence, and the Calella International Photography Festival (Catalonia, Spain) are three of the contests that have selected my works among their favourites.

At the moment, I am still working on my ‘Toys’ project, bringing it to different galleries. And now, I have a very special mission for it: to put a smile on the faces of people being in hospital rooms.


Solo exhibitions

«Toys» Tour 2013-2016
01.2013 Pedralbes Centre (BCN)
04.2013 Corte Inglés (Sabadell)
05.2013 Cristal Palace (BCN)
08.2013 Cafè del Born (BCN)
01.2014 Galería Cincomonos (BCN)
06.2014 Salón223 (BCN)
05.2015 Festival de la imagen de Calella. X Edición (BCN)
01.2016 Pedralbes Centre (BCN)

«Kermesse» 05.2012
Collections: «Salsitas», «Luz», «Shots» & «Toys». Pedralbes Centre (Barcelona)

«Toys» al Brisac 09.2012
Collection «Toys». Sabadell (Barcelona)

«Universo en miniatura» 07.2012
Fira de Sabadell (Barcelona)

«Toys, the expo» 12.2011
Anna Ferrer Art Space, Sabadell (Barcelona)

Collective exhibitions

«Art for Yarik» 11.2018
Charitable art exhibition. Works: «Shower at home» & «In the clouds». Vins&Co Art Space (Barcelona)

«S.O.S. Sonrisas» Tour 2014-2016
09.2014 Centre Fórum Hospital (BCN); 11.2014 Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (BCN); 02.2015 Col.legi Oficial d’Infermeres (BCN); 03.2015 Hospital del Mar (BCN); 05.2015 Grup Menarini (BCN); 06.2016 Acadèmia de les Ciències Mèdiques de Catalunya (BCN); 01.2016 Hospital de Sant Pau (BCN)

«Artes Visuales Contra la Violencia de Género» 11.2011
Exhibiton ‘VI Concurso de Artes Visuales Contra la Violencia de Género’. Finalist Work: «No es un juego. Denúncialo». Fórum Fnac Callao (Madrid)

«Colorin Colorao» 03.2011
Works: «Shower at home» & «Accident in washing machine». Colorín Colorao Art Space (Barcelona)

«Wallpaper» 02.2011
Work: «Vía crucis». Art & Design Gallery. Barcelona

«Foconorte» 05.2010
Collection «Imagina». Foconorte Digital Photography Festival, Santander